Digital Imaging Services

Basic Retouching

  1. Colour correction and colour enhancement.
  2. Lighten eye bag, wrinkle, smiling line and neckline.
  3. Remove pimples, freckles & moles on face & neck.
  4. Soften shine on face.
  5. Remove the reflection of glasses/spectacles.
  6. Remove minors things (dust spot, pins etc)

All of Photography Packages taken at EO Digital Photographics are only provided basic retouching and no extra charge.

Advance Retouching

*Advance Retouching and Creative Digital Imaging are not provided in all photography packages.

Additional charges apply for the following:

  1. Change the face from another picture.
    $50/per face or head
  2. Exchange/remove the background/object to another background/object. $100/ per image
  3. Slimmer chin (double chin etc).$20/ per face
  4. Slimmer arm/body/hips/tummy.
    $50/ per person or $100/ per person
  5. Blend two objects into one image. $100/ per image
  6. Changes not correct wearing (hood of graduation gown etc). $100/ per object

Pricing Information

Creative Digital Imaging on request for quotation. Contact us here

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